Live in Luxury While Saving Money

What if you could remain a U.S. citizen but didn’t have to pay as much in taxes? Beyond sun and fun and stunning white sand beaches, Puerto Rico has become a tax haven for the very wealthy and those business owners who would like a bit of a break on paying taxes. This is all thanks to Puerto Rico’s Act 20/22.

Act 20/22 is the local government’s way of attracting business-minded people and investors to the island. No, it’s not too good to be true. You can actually move to Puerto Rico or retire in Puerto Rico and earn more from your business or investments. Living in paradise and having more wealth for yourself and your family… that’s the way life should be!

Investors receive 100% tax exemptions on dividends and interest as well as short-and long-term capital gains when they become residents of the island. Business owners only pay 4% tax rate when providing services for export as well as a 60% exemption on municipal tax and a 100% tax-exemption on dividends from earnings and profits gained through export services. These rates are guaranteed until 2032.

You can join the many wealthy Americans and over 400 companies that have already moved to Puerto Rico to take advantage of these amazing tax breaks. Start searching Puerto Rico real estate.